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Vacuum Pumps

Biomedic company designs and manufactures a wide range of vacuum pumps, used in automatic transferring systems in automotive, graphic printing, C.N.C machines, chemical industry and packaging industries around the world.

Gripping & Lifting Devices

Advanced gripping solutions are complete gripper systems for specific application areas. The grippers are made of lightweight materials but still durable. Biomedic’s advanced gripping solutions are tailored to the customer’s needs, and are engineered with performance, efficiency & security in mind.

Suction Cups

Using suction cups is a lifting technique of many possibilities - handle board materials or concrete slabs, open bags, pick electronic components, label and hold objects. Biomedic offers a wide range of suction cups suitable for your needs.

Vacuum Accessories

In order to provide an overall solution for our customers, we focus on the details. We are fully aware that top quality components are as essential as designing vacuum pumps and suction cups. You will find everything you need to complete your vacuum systems here.

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